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Established Suppliers of Finest Quality African Rough Gems.
Caring about customers.

May 2017

Hello Everyone,

We have upgraded our website to the following address:

Please feel free to browse the site and become a member.

Please contact us for any queries you may have.

Best regards


I wish you a very pleasant and unique African Experience. Please take your time and enjoy browsing through some of the most beautiful African rough gemstones and letting your mind wonder as to their origins on this dark and deep continent.

All gems have been specially selected, cleaned and graded by myself to ensure you get only the finest quality. means 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

I have endeavored to make this site as simple and user friendly as possible and look forward to your comments. Please take advantage of our unique close ups for more detail on the gemstone as well as the easy to use Quick Search and Gem Finder. Should a close-up of a particular gem not be present, please email me and I will arrange it. The gems will be updated periodically depending on the availability of rough material ( all credit to Mother Nature )

I would also like to assure you all that I have been exporting gemstones from Africa for many years and was in fact the first web based seller of African gems from South Africa. I would be more than happy to furnish particulars of customers worldwide for your own peace of mind.

Happy mining!


Our Grading System:
[AAA : 95% clean and above][AA+ : 85%][AA : 80% clean and above][A+ : 75% clean and above][A : 70% clean and above][lightly incl. : parcels][f : Recovery of smaller stones][Af : A grade to facet][CA : Cabochon to semi facet][C : Cabochon][sf : semi facet - facet included stones]